Effectiveness of a Novel Dentifrice Containing Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, Sarkosyl, and Sodium Fluoride

Mynenivenkatasatya S, Wang H, Cooley W, Garcia-Smith E, Shewale J and Ratcliff J
Dentistry Journal, Vol. 8, 122; 2020; doi:10.3390/dj8040122


This in vitro study evaluated the effectiveness of a novel dentifrice containing stabilized chlorine dioxide, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (sarkosyl), and sodium fluoride in enhancing enamel fluoride uptake, remineralization, pellicle cleaning and inhibiting biofilm regrowth. Remineralization was measured by fluoride uptake and surface microhardness assessment tests. Artificial stains were removed and scored based on pellicle cleaning ratio. Biofilm regrowth was measured by counting colonies on the agar plates. All studies were conducted using bovine teeth specimens. The efficacy of Toothpaste C (CloSYS anticavity toothpaste) was compared with United States Pharmacopoeia Reference Dentifrice, Toothpaste B (discontinued CloSYS anticavity toothpaste formulation) and leading commercial toothpastes. The enamel fluoride uptake and remineralization by Toothpaste C was 96.1% to 303.3% and 38.0% to 102.4% higher than the tested toothpastes, respectively. The mean pellicle cleaning ratio of Toothpaste C was similar to American Dental Association Reference Material. Toothpaste C had a significant reduction in regrowth of the oral polymicrobial biofilm compared to the control. All tested toothpastes contained 0.24% sodium fluoride. Toothpaste C exhibited significantly superior performance towards fluoride uptake and remineralization compared to the tested toothpastes. Therefore, toothpaste ingredients other than sodium fluoride accounted for the enhanced fluoride uptake and remineralization.

J.S. and James Ratcliff are currently employees of Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Esmeralda Garcia-Smith is a former employee of Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. William Cooley is currently a consultant for Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Srinivas Rao Mynenivenkatasatya and H.W. do not have any conflicts of interest.

Article URL https://www.mdpi.com/2304-6767/8/4/122

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